4 Key Steps to Unlock Deep Meditation

written by: CLARKE SCOTT 

Have you achieved deep meditation yet?

Probably not, and that’s ok.

Most people, even after they understand the theory of how to achieve deep meditation can struggle.


I struggled for many years before I had my own breakthrough experience, which if you have not read about you can do so ​here​.

But this breakthrough moment came only after I put in the work to understand what was holding me back!

And as I have said before…

We cannot predict when, but if we have all the right things in place, deep meditation will naturally flow.

So, if you are still struggling…

Let’s do something about this right now.

Here are the 4 steps you need to follow to go deep!

STEP 1 – Find what EXACTLY is preventing you from going deep into meditation

Now… Most people think they know what is preventing them from going deep.

They will tell me things like…

  • Stilling my mind…and being able to focus.
  • My anxiety means it’s hard to sit for long.
  • My monkey mind won’t stop.
  • Finding the time to practice.
  • Too many disruptions in my life.
  • If I could only control incessant thoughts.

While it is true a busy mind will prevent you from achieving deep states of meditation…

All of these are merely symptoms of something deeper, they are not the cause.

Look deeper!

Ask yourself…what is causing the mind to be busy in the first place?

You might think, well my mind is busy because I am busy.

So if I could just find the time to sit and practice deep meditation would come.


Not quite…

Ask anyone who has done a long meditation retreat and they will tell you a different story.

For instance, I remember one time when I was in retreat and my mind would not shut up, and I was getting quite frustrated.


After one particularly bad session, I walked out of the meditation hall totally deflated, and my teacher just happened to be standing there as if waiting for me, and I said to him.

Gen-la, it’s as if my mind is getting worse.

His reply was classic!

Good, now you know what to work on!

And he was right!

The real cause preventing me from achieving deep states of meditation was buried within my subtle internal monologue.

That is why the combination of journalling and meditation is the quick path to deep states of meditation because it goes to the heart of the problem.

It shows you EXACTLY what is holding you back.

And from there you can deal with it and we do that through journalling.

Let’s turn to that…

STEP 2 – Writing from the Inside

As my teacher pointed out during a retreat, the subtle internal monologue has a lot to say.

Some of it is rubbish; some of it revealing.

And it is this revealing part that we are interested in.

By clearly seeing this you will know what is preventing you from achieving deep meditation consistently.

And therefore, you will be able to process these monologues to go even deeper.

But the process is not a one-time-only thing.

There are layers to deep meditation and these layers are often (if not always) related to various monologues.

The more layers you process; the deeper your meditation.

That just makes sense, right?


Writing about your journey can be fun.

Even if you have never journaled, or you have some kind of aversion to journalling per se…

When coupled with meditation it makes the practice of both fun because it is ACTUALLY something useful!

It gives you clarity of your internal environment – increasing self-awareness!

Then by teasing out the subtle internal monologue, you are literally healing from the inside through the combination of exploring in meditation and describing what you find through journaling.

That’s why my teacher said, “Good, now you know what you have to work on!

However…and this is an important point.

Your journalling needs structure.

The reason for this is that some of the subtle internal monologue is just blah blah and can be ignored.

Yet other parts are quite revealing and point to the problems.

So these need to be targeted with specific questions to tease out and understand what is going on at a deeper level.

And we do that with four important questions both inside and outside of meditation.

Journalling before, during, and after meditation, therefore, have different roles in the overall structure of the virtuous cycle of meditation and writing.

In my experience, it is easy to make the mistake of just writing whatever comes up, thinking this is “processing” but it’s not.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a good start but it is not the most effective way to journal, and has the potential to simply reinforce wrong ideas that can lead you in the wrong direction.

More on structuring techniques below.

Let’s turn now to the 3rd step.

STEP 3 – Being Guided is the Smart Way

Being guided is a powerful way to progress into deeper states of meditation, and the power comes from the idea of a “guide.”

So just as you’d have a guide to climb a high mountain you’ve never been to, guided meditations when done in sequence, will show you the most direct path.

It’s quicker, safer, and fun, as the guide can point out things along the way.

Things to watch out for, obstacles, wrong turns, mistakes. There are many ways in which a guide can point out things you’d never see or know to look out for.

You simply follow along in the knowledge you are being led to the place you want to go.


When combined with journaling, sequential guided meditations take on an even more powerful role because, with each cycle of meditation and writing, you are in new-found territory.

This virtuous cycle becomes like a flywheel of self-discovery.

And as anyone knows, self-awareness is at the core of a successful life!

STEP 4- Repeat the Process

Now here is the GREAT news! What you think is deep now, is likely to be rather shallow in 12 months, if you combine guided meditation and journaling and develop a consistent practice.

This virtuous cycle of sequential guided meditations and journalling (the right way with the right questions) will create a situation where all the right conditions are in place for your own breakthrough moment, so you can benefit from everything that deep meditation offers.

And while there are a myriad of benefits that naturally flow from a consistently deep meditation practice, here are a few:

  • Increased deep focus.
  • Stopping the monkey mind.
  • Increased self-awareness,
  • Increased peace and calm.
  • Decreased anxiety, depression, and stress.
  • Increased self-confidence.
  • Overcome fear and confusion.
  • Better decision-making.
  • Become your authentic self.

And one of the biggest benefits, I believe, is becoming acutely aware of the unconscious currents guiding your life.

For understanding these currents and how your own psychology moves you in one direction or another makes the navigation of life so much easier.

This is when knowledge turns into wisdom.

Sure the bliss and peace of deep meditation feels good, but the wisdom and insight that comes from a stable and clarity is, well, mind-blowing!


As I’ve said before, all the real benefits of meditation come from deep meditation…

This is not an exaggerated statement!

Not only can you help yourself but you are now in a position to be of genuine help to others.

Imagine having peace and calm in your life such that you are also a wise and insightful friend to everyone around you.

Meditation, deep meditation, is truly a force for good in the world!

And I passionately believe if more of us could develop the skill the world would be a better place.

So if any of this interests you, then you owe it to yourself to dedicate some time to developing deep meditation.

Now… At this point, I’ve laid out everything you need. So now you have two different approaches you can take:

1. You can go it alone and use the trial-and-error approach.


2. I can help you directly if you join 30 Days to Deep Meditation

Journaling your meditation is the key that will unlock deep states of meditation for you.

30 Days to Deep Meditation is a course of video lectures and sequential guided meditations. Despite the name, the course is self-paced and as you have lifetime access to all the material, exercises, and guided meditations it can be taken again and again.

The course has been designed to take you through a process of self-discovery and deepening meditation through the cycle of guided meditation and journaling.

Inside the course, you’ll discover how to identify your own subtle internal monologue.

How to recognize what is important to process and what can be ignored. And I will share with you how to properly structure journaling so that it is effective.

And with more than 30 sequential guided meditations, with each guided meditation working with the previous to take you even deeper, you have the best chance to finally develop once and for all a truly deep practice.

What you’ll discover inside:

  • Writing as a spiritual practice.
  • How to structure your journaling the right way.
  • The 4 questions to ask yourself while journaling.
  • How to process your subtle internal monologue.
  • How to develop a consistent practice.
  • 30 Sequential Guided Meditations.
  • Special journaling exercises
  • Meditation Workbook.
  • Journal templates.


I’ve added these special bonuses for you:

  • Full access to my Meditation Masterclass (24 video lectures).
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  • And a 90+ minute lecture series on Special Tibetan breathwork.


I am so confident in the material and how it will transform your meditation and your life, I am offering you a money-back guarantee.

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So if…

  • You want to discover genuinely deep states of meditation…
  • Understand the benefits of journaling…
  • See the value in learning a framework for personal transformation…
  • And are willing to confront the things holding you back…

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Whatever you decide good luck with your journey!


Clarke Scott

p.s. The easiest decision to make is to make no decision at all. ​ But…If you do nothing; nothing will change.

Don’t get me wrong…perhaps this is not for you, and that’s ok.

Truly…it’s fine!

But, if you want to give it a go and see what happens, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Click to get started – https://clarkescott.com/30-days-to-meditation

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