A Year of Light and Shade

Although I continue to tell myself I enjoy sharing I seemed to have gone almost ten months without updating the blog…Shame on me!

Despite that, I continue to tell myself I will write more even if I have failed to do so this year. I fail more than I like to really.

Buddhist Prayer Wheel
Buddhist Prayer Wheel

Since then my life has, you could say without exaggeration, changed. It has changed for the better even if it has been quite bumpy along the way.


13th Beach Road sunset taken Christmas 2012

I moved out of the monastery I was living in while trying to complete my PhD.

Buddhist Stupa

I said goodbye to a part of my life I never thought I would but, I have always been the kind of person to move forward without regret. I do believe it important to always move forward with one eye on where you come!

Leaving the monastery early 2013

I had no idea what I was going to do now that I was no longer a monk but I had confidence that the life I was living was limiting me from something else.

So I moved back to my parents place to restock before moving forward again.

My mum/mom makes great pumpkin soup the best in the world I tells ya!

Mum’s pumpkin soup with smiley face to make me feel better!

While at mum’s my sister and her family visited. We eat food, spent time as a family, and I made a short film with my six year old nephew called “The Magic Spanner.”

The Magic Spanner

It was during this time that I meet with one of my father friends and business partners. I had an idea that would allow my to continue to develop as a filmmaker while owning a living. And I thought it a good idea too.

So I arranged a meeting over coffee.

Meeting over coffee

My dad’s friend is a very successful business person and so I thought that he might be good to pass the idea across. Perhaps he will have something to add. Something that I have not thought about, or perhaps he will tell me it won’t work for this or that reason. Either way I felt it a good thing to so despite the possibility of my future been crushed before it was even going.

But the meeting went well. And about 1/2 way through he stopped me and said that he needed me, he needed this idea executed for one of business.

So he asked me to put together a proposal outlining exactly what I saw I could do for this business, how this would actual benefit the business, and of course the cost.

Off to Sydney

Suffice it to say, the proposal was well accepted and I was soon off to shoot the first of a series of spots for his sister company in Sydney.

Sydney airport 2013

Landing in Sydney I spent the day on a recce! My favorite part of shooting I think.

Sydney Recce
Icebergs Bondi beach

Shoot day. What a sight!

After the shoot it was back to Melbourne to try and organize my life again. For now that I had arranged a source of income and in a direction I was happy to move in, it was now time to find my own place.

It had been almost twenty years since I’ve living by myself. See I was always in Buddhist monasteries or centres or overseas study, or whatever. This was the first time I would have my “own” place!

So I looked until I found a place near enough to the city that I could get to and from without too much trouble or need of a car (still not enough money to get one to be honest) and I would simply hire a bomb when I needed to drive somewhere.

So I packed my bags again! Putting everything into a truck and moved into a one bedroom place in a funky outer-city suburb.

Driving truck to my new home

I needed a truck this time as I bought some white goods for the new place.

Views of the city

The views of the city from my place are quite speecy! And I set myself for a a lot of work coming my way! Something I was really looking forward to I must say.

I bought some new gear—lenses, camera, and viewfinder.

New gear is always fun

And continued to wait for work to come in.

Yet nothing came.

No wind; no movement.

Like a windmill standing motionless this went on for sometime. But that is how things go I’ve found. Patience. I kept telling myself. Patience!

Luckily I was on a retainer and therefore cash was not an issue. Still I’d rather be doing something.

Then finally, as the year rounded out,  I was busier than I could handle. Almost!

In the past six or so week we have put together, shot, and edited several episodes for an upcoming branded documentary. I have created a social-media campaign to help promote the series once it goes live, and I have built a website for the campaign to provide more information for the business, and because of this I got to travel and visit places I have never been again.

Off to the Goldcost Queensland. Looks like to is going to be a dumpy ride!
Fun in the sun

And then back to Sydney for a different shoot—all in the matter of ten days!

Client arranged the ticket at the wrong airport.
If only I could say I had em eating out of my hands more often 😉
Newtown, NSW – December 2013

Off for a quick bite to eat and a beer.

Clients. Talent. Crew. Fun!
Heading back home.
My year. A year of contrast. Of light and shade.
My year. A year of contrast. Of light and shade.
Sunset from my balcony

And so that was my 2013. It was a terrific year of challenge and transformation.

A year of contrasts. A year of light and shade—of dumps and of grins.

A year where the light and shade mattered because of the dumps and grins.

2013, you were an experience!

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