Dream Learn Plan—A Life

I dream. I learn. I plan. Or should that be I plan, learn and dream?

We started out to get a computer into the hands of everyday people, and we succeeded beyond our wildest dreams. — Steve Jobs

I’m not really sure which ones came first but I do know that my days are filled with time spent planning — either for future goals, or present projects — learning something that will allow these plans every possible success, and dreaming about how things might actually turn out well.

It’s a strange mix of present and future-orientated thinking and I believe the combination of all three is important. How’s why:

Plan — Create a plan

By creating planning you are in essence setting a course, a direction in which to focus your energies like a set of tracks for you to follow.

So it is more than simply “planning” an outcome as you might if you were planning a schedule for a large project. No.

Think BIG when you plan like this. Do not limit yourself is what you know is doable. Imagine a possible future (dreaming) and then plan for that possible future. That is what I tell myself.

But remain flexible with your dream and continue to monitor and adjust your plan as it is informed by new skills and changing future aspirations. Trust me…they will change.

Learn — Develop skills

By developing skills the skills needed to complete the journey you have set yourself. The effort is required and this in itself is a skill. So is perseverance. Skills are not necessarily just technical ones.

What I do when I have attempted anything breaks down or deconstruct the goal into smaller pieces and then go about acquiring these skills.

That is a skill in itself too as we do not always know, what we do not know…therefore the deconstruction of the skills needed kind of unfolds as you learn more and move along the journey you have set yourself.

I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying that, the more I know about “X” the more I realize I know nothing about “x”.

If this is happening to you then you are doing it right! 🙂

It might sound obvious but this is a very important part of being a lifelong learner. Embrace it. It will be like a friend and a peer. You will be unstoppable.

Dream — Execute on the above too.

By dreaming I mean daydreaming. To let your mind wander — thinking in a playful manner about possibilities.

What it will be like to have achieved your goal? Imagine it. I dare you.

Without this third component, your plan and skills are of little use. Without dreams, you will not think big nor complete your task as dreaming provides both inspiration and determination.

Be as big as you like with your dream but make certain you do not spend all your time in the future thinking. For without time spent in the present you will never achieve the goal.

Let your thinking be a balanced combination of dreaming, achieving new skills, and planning. Do this every day.

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