Here you’ll find my best articles on topics such as mindset, meditation, mindfulness, as well as broader topics like happiness, health (both physical and mental), creativity, and productivity.

The driven thrust of my work is “how can we live more meaningful lives.” This is, after all, what I’m searching for too. Therefore many of these articles below share my recommendations garnered from personal research findings and backed by data.

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Domain of the Illusory

Hi there, Welcome to another Meditate or Die newsletter. ​It’s been a funny old week here in Australia. We are still in lock down. Indeed, this weekend

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Be Like a Meditator, Think Like a Meditator – Embrace Failure

However, every meditator at some point has to deal with the restlessness that arises from boredom. If you can make it through this point in your meditation career, realizations will flow naturally. Unfortunately few do. This is because the mind can play tricks as boredom manifests. For instance, as your meditation deepens and your creativity increases, new ideas for various projects can arise. New ways to do ‘this’ or ‘that’ dawn upon us, and we can get caught in the trap of forgetting the purpose of meditation or even forgetting that creative energy comes from a clear mind and this in turn comes from meditation.

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The Twisting of a Phrase For Clarity

A pithy turn of phrase, a quip engendering insight, all these linguistic devices are the tools of smarter men (and women) than I. Philosophy, for the most part, is not easy. It is not easy because of the hours spent frustrated by misunderstanding, or, as is more often the case, a sense of not understanding what the hell it is that you are reading. In the end, I must add, it is an experience for which one is better off for having. With the afore written in mind, and as good evidence of my point, I wanted to address the notion of clarity in philosophy.

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