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Hey Insiders,

Welcome to 2021 and the first edition of the Meditate or Die newsletter for this year!

I hope you had a nice break and your meditation did not suffer too much from overeating and lying around not doing much at all! haha 🙂

It’s going to be a BIG year. I can feel it building already.

In fact, over the break, I was able to finalize the direction of the content for this year, record and edit the first meditation course, which will be available for free (see the link below) and get five days away from any tech or the internet.
1. This is The Year You Take Meditation Seriously!

I know you’ve dabbled. You’ve even tried a retreat here and there but meditation has always been something that you’d do when you have time.

And while you enjoy the idea of meditation, you don’t really get why meditation is so important for your life do you?

Yet you suffer from anxiety, right? Maybe a little bit of depression now and then also.

You are overworked, underpaid, and stuck in a lifestyle you cannot get out of.

Just look at 2020 and the stress you, and everyone around you, were under.

So ask yourself…

So why should I care about meditation?

Because your life depends on it! And I don’t tihnk I am overstating this when I say that meditation, could be the one thing that finally changes your life for the better.

But you will never know unless you start.

So my plan for this year is to give you all the support you need to make 2021 the year you finally take meditation seriously. To finally get off your ass, and onto the cushion.

So here is my promise to you…

I am going to create a three-tiered program that will take anyone that wants to transform through a process of theory, practical instruction, and guided meditation on the foundations of practice, how to leverage your own physiology through breathwork, and a deep-dive masterclass on advanced meditation, mindsets, and transpersonal psychology.

The three-tiered program includes:

1. The Way of Meditation – meditation is not something to help you relax. Rather it is an analytic, diagnostics, and therapeutic tool used in the enlightenment project. In this program, I give you all the theory, practical instructions, and guided meditations you need to transform.

2. Breathworks Masterclass – build stronger physiology through breath energy work for a healthier body and mind. Learn the science behind the ancient traditions with theory, practical instructions, and guided exercises.

3. Meditate or Die Masterclass (MoD) – receive the theory, practical instruction, and guided meditations to understand your own potential, so you can see for yourself what exactly is holding you back, and how to begin to overcome these obstacles.

The MoD masterclass is an intense 6-week program of daily meditation, special breathing exercises, personal reflection, and journalling—ending in a weekend group retreat designed to facilitate maximum benefit without the need for years of effort.

MoD will be held only three times a year, and likely to be capped at 30 participants per cohort. The retreat will be led by me and will include Q&A sessions to help you deepen your understanding through personal advice.

But this is all coming.

So for now I have for you a free course to help you start meditating daily, now!
2. FREE COURSE – How to Start a Daily Meditation Practice

We all know the benefits of meditation. Yet few people are able to integrate meditation into their daily lives in such a way that they gain any real benefit.
In this free course on how to start a daily meditation practice, I’ve laid out everything you will need to know to create a daily practice that best suits your needs and will stick over time.

From the compound effect of meditation to a guided meditation practice for balancing your autonomic nervous system, this free course will help you create a daily practice that best suits your needs right now, as well as give you the tools to become more advanced.

There are 118 minutes of content over 6 videos to help you gain the upper hand when it comes to creating the habit of daily meditation.

Signup for the course here –

Because I can tell you, with hand-over-heart, the key to any benefit from meditation is the aggregation of daily practice over time, don’t let this year slip by without creating a daily meditation practice.

Meditate or Die!

Clarke Scott

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Photo by Mohamed Nohassi
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