How to Prime Your Sleep

Here are four things to show you how to prime your sleep.

These are all things I do too.

1. Go outside at around sunset, look up and out into space if you can.

This sets your body clock to tell your nervous system that the day is coming to an end and to begin the process of melatonin. (also never take melatonin as a supplement).

If you can look towards the sun regardless or the sky being clear or not is best.

2. Minimize bright light regardless of color after sunset.

We’ve all heard that blue light is bad for sleep.

And according to the neuroscientist Andrew Huberman, while this is true, that does not mean that other colors are not bad also – they are!

I have dimmer lights in lamps and use these to have soft dim light at night.

3. Take 300mg of magnesium 60-90 minutes before sleep.

Taking magnesium before sleep will help balance your autonomic nervous system.

you can also engage your parasympathetic nervous system (one-half of the autonomic nervous system) by closing your right nostril and breathing through your left nostril only. You may need to this several times before going to bed.

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4. Meditate without felling asleep

Once in bed, lay flat on your back with your hands to the side with your palms up. It’s important to do this without falling asleep while meditating.

Breathe into the count of 5. Then breathe out to the count of 10.

Keep the same pace on both in and out-breath, so our breathe is twice as long.

Do this 5 times then breathe normally.

If you do not get a lot of deep sleep like me the above will help.

To understand your sleep habits see the bonus section.

Bonus points:

1. Download and use the Sleep Cycle app
2. Get an Oura Ring and wear this nightly as you sleep.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao

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