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Hey Insiders,

Welcome to this week’s Meditate or Die Insiders newsletter.

This week, for me, has been one of trying to find time to do the deep work I so dearly love.

And like a thread running through life, this theme of struggle that seems to have narrated my life so far has been a source of both pain and joy!

Pain insofar as the struggle is real; joy because it is the struggle that allows one to evolve.

Life is an experiment to some extent, or that it should be, points to ...

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The Meditate or Die Insiders is a members-only subscription-based area of this website. Inside you’ll find in-depth articles on self-development, exclusive members-only videos, implementation guides, online workshops, and more.

What does a membership include?

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Topics I write about include:

Why the name Meditate or Die Insiders?

The phrase Meditate or Die is the title of my upcoming book, which should be available in 2021, and full of stories like – How to Bend Like a Piece of Wood.

It’s a book about why we need to meditate, and what happens when we don’t.

While the phrase “insiders” indicates an orientation to life, born of understanding the strategies that lead to living a good life start and end inside oneself.

That is to say, our mind, our psychology, is the foundational element in the topics of self-development, personal development, and self-improvement, and through deepening one’s understanding of these topics we are in fact gifting ourselves with the wisdom of eudemonia.

But none of us can make this vision a reality alone. We need a tribe with a shared purpose to connect and collaborate with, in order for this wisdom to be unveiled.

I see my role as one of teasing out the seeds of insight—thought pieces, implementation guides, case studies, experiments, videos, articles, etc.—to help you identify and access new sources of wisdom, which you can implement into your own life.

If you enjoy mind-bending ideas on topics such as those listed below, as well as practical guides to help you implement these ideas; if you are tired of the same old endlessly repeated “self-help” BS, and you believe that going inside can be a source of profound personal growth, you’ll feel right at home.

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