Losing Your Way Finding Perspective

Now let’s face it, even though all of us, all sentient beings, want happiness this is not news, and it is obvious on reflection that we are not endlessly seeking the kind of happiness born of sheer hedonism but real, bonafide, genuine happiness.

Sometimes it happens—we get lost. Lost in thought. Lost in time. Lost in life.

And yet these times—times when everything seems upside down—can be the best of times for fresh views of old truths can bubble up providing a new perspective.

Restlessly do we seek a good life. A life that goes well. A life with real meaning. A life where we are loved and we have the chance to love. A life where love transcends the ordinary.

But if this is to be so, we must go through a process of transformation, of transcendence. A transcendence of old habits and this kind of change never comes easy.

Life is hard won. Indeed the life we seek is hard won.

And yet if we are the protagonist and the author of our own life’s story, and the arc of this transformation is embedded in the challenges we face, then it is to ourselves that we must look.

We must write into the screenplay of our life challenges only we can face.

So whether you are in the first or the last act of your story, do not be afraid of life—your life. The road is open. Go. Explore. See the world. See yourself.

Find yourself getting lost. Find yourself by getting lost.

For at the end of the day, by losing our way we transform, and through transformation, our life can become an expression of grace, of love, of bodhichitta.

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