Manics, Mindsets, & Meditation

written by: CLARKE SCOTT 

This work I’ve been reading, Deep Work by Cal Newport.

To make the most out of your deep work sessions, build rituals of the same level of strictness and idiosyncrasy as the important thinkers mentioned previously.

There’s a good reason for this mimicry. Great minds like Caro and Darwin didn’t deploy rituals to be weird; hey did so because success in their work depended on their ability to go deep, again and again—
there’s no way to win a Pulitzer Prize or conceive a grand theory without pushing your brain to its limit.

Their rituals minimized the friction in this transition to depth, allowing them to go deep more easily and stay in the state longer. If they had instead waited for inspiration to strike before settling into serious work, their accomplishments would likely have been greatly reduced.


A great book that has helped me feel less guilt about going deep for my new project (read below)

New Project

This week marks the first week of what might be a year-long book project.

Yes, I’m writing a book and I’ve blocked out the next 12 months to write, edit, and publish ideas that first started to form during my time in Tasmania while working on a Ph.D.

Unfortunately or fortunately depending on what kind of mood I’m in I never completed the Ph.D. but, the ideas are still quite fresh, and certainly relevant today.

I will, of course, keep you updated as we go, and perhaps some of the ideas will be published as articles on my website.

New Articles

I’ve got a new article on the website that looks at the importance of mindsets and how meditation (the way I define meditation) can play a vital role in self-development.

“Have you ever wondered how it is that some people are successful in everything they do? Whether they’re an artist, sportsperson, or business person, everything they turn their attention to catches light.

They quickly come up with new ideas, and everything comes together quickly. People love them and line up for whatever they do.​

It seems as if they glide through life from one success to the next—all the while smiling pleasantly—as if it’s supposed to be
this way.”

Read it here – https://clarkescott.com/why-mindsets-meditation

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