Why I am Moving from Convertkit to Substack

written by: CLARKE SCOTT 

Hello Brothers and Sisters.

I have some news. It concerns you and me. And the content of this website. But do not fret as it is good news.

I am moving to Substack.

Some of you may not even know what that means, and it does not really matter all that much, other than to say here https://clarkescott.substack.com is where you can find my articles from today.

What this also means is that I am moving from Convertkit to Substack with the newsletter.

Again, nothing will change for most of you as the weekly newsletter will still be delivered to your inbox, the content of said emails will be the same, and the look of them will be more or less the same.

There are two reasons for the move: (1) the business model of Substack is superior for writers as it costs me nothing to have a list, write, and publish. Convertkit costs hundreds of dollars per/month for a medium-sized list.

(2) Secondly, Substack is a great model for building (a word I’ve become allergic to) a sustainable business as a result of this model.

That is to say, if I choose to place some of my work behind a paywall in order to have an income so that the writing sustains itself, I can. And very easily too as I do not have to worry about funnels, plugins, or any of the tech.

This allows me to focus on creating articles that people actually want to read. As opposed to tweaking sales copy on a landing page in order to bump conversions of a product I had to create to pay for Convertkit.

That comes to an end today.

All of this points to how you will benefit.

These changes will allow me to spend more time focused on thinking deeply and writing. The articles and essays will, therefore, be of a much higher quality as a result.

It is as if I am stripping everything down to what really matters for both of us. And that is the words on the page, how to point to deeper ideas about who we are and show ways in which we can both benefit.

But I also want to spend more time writing and editing so that the work is a blast to read. I do not want the work to be dry and boring facts.

My plan is to write more articles about my spiritual journey such as the one where I talk about the lesson I received from my teacher within the first few months of joining the monastery as a young man. You can read it here – How to Bend Like a Piece of Wood

I also want to explore and ramble in a fun way so that you love reading. I also want to explore ideas and discover new things in the spiritual life and share them with you.

For instance, I want to write an essay on why I feel so uncomfortable with the word spiritual. I want to bare all, to you, the reader, in a radically honest way. And this excites me the most.

Sharing with you, the reader, a personal journey into what it means to be spiritual feels like a wonderful thing to do. It could be narcissistic if not done well and properly. And that is why the idea of radical honesty is something I will endeavor to do.

I have an article planned on what radical honesty entails so be sure to get on the free newsletter for notification when that drops.

I will also spend time making the essays great reads (well as much as I can with my skills as a storyteller). I do have some cool stories to tell and I hope that I will become a better writer through this process.

Just enter your email and join the free newsletter. I publish this every week on Thursdays and it is a short, sharp piece with what I have been reading (book recommendations), what I have been thinking (ideas starting to take shape), and what I have created (articles, essays, videos, podcasts) that week.

This will be free forever. And if you choose to you can upgrade your subscription and receive access to exclusive long-form essays and accompanying audio podcast episodes, as well as the newsletter archive.

I hope to see you over there.

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