Silence is a Practice

Silence is something I’ve cherished over the years. It was hard to find at times. Something I longed for when I could not find it – as if life was out of focus. I’m not talking about the silence of sitting alone.

I’m talking about the silence of a still mind.

Why was this? How is it that this kind of silence can be so hard to find? Surely it’s a matter of going into a room alone and sitting there watching your own breathing.

Meditate for 5 minutes at your desk during a lunch break. There is your silence you might retort.

Well, here is the thing: Some days are too busy; some too slow. And we are often left in the middle, balancing on the edge between stress and boredom, ever aware we are falling left or right. So it’s a balancing act. This is the practice. Yes.

Now, if you have family or a partner then double the issues that prevent balance. Culture, lineage, and idiosyncrasies couple together to make the practice even more difficult.

Or do they?

Perhaps we can learn from each other. Working together and learning from issues of culture, how you were raised, or those “little things” that make you, you…or your partner, them. Working together as a team to create an environment where the practice is rewarded, not judged.

Where silence is not a form of punishment but a practice worth cultivating.

But it is true that silence that is a lack of noise is needed at first in order to create silence of mind.

Don’t conflate the two but do know that one is needed for the other to be practice.

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