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What We Seek Is Found Within

If I Had Another Day Short Film


Below are a couple of  screengrabs, which I posted to instagram as I was editing –

I have an open plan for this project to grow into something larger than it currently is and if this were to happen each of these episodes will be the backstory for each character. More on that later!

But given the nature of, well, life, and just how difficult it can be to get things happening it remains open as to whether or not this/these short film(s) remain as stand alone works or not. As they say, time will be the judge!

To a large extent the deciding factor will be if I can find the right people—Ella was fantastic but can I find other actors? That is the challenge!

Below are the words from this piece, and links to the video itself, as well as the script I wrote for the piece.

It frightens to be open only to hear silence.
But I will not hide this heart; this love; this pain.
For I need to lose myself in order to find my way.
And it’s in that darkness I see what’s real, reflected back.

There’s knowledge in being so raw and exposed.
It’s a place where truth is revealed.
Truth revealed without the need of words.
Listen. Closely. Do you hear?

But I must not retreat from the world forever.
Be in but not of, I shall.
I will continue to live as you showed me.
Straight. True. Real.

I will remember the past but not live there.
And I will plan for the future without you.
I will remain open. Vulnerable.
For while life will come love is a choice.

I do not want to say too much about the meaning of the words, or I should say, I do not want to say too much about what these words mean to me. They are vague enough for the reader to form their own feeling and then relate these to the story and the images of the film itself. Indeed, this is what happens regardless! Of course the end title card just before the credits in the video is a give away! But even then, this is also rather open for each to form their own view. I like that!

Here is the link to the short on Vimeo —

If you are so inclined please go to Vimeo, like the video and a comment – it helps incredibly!

And finally here is the script as promised –  If I had another day – Clarke Scott

Now it is on to find another talented actor for episode two.