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Thanks for dropping by. Here you will find articles about filmmaking, philosophy, storytelling, and how all these seemingly disparate disciplines come together to inform a life well lived.

Indeed, I believe this unique combination can supply insight and wisdom into the human condition like no other art-form giving cinema the utility to literally transform lives.

So whether you are a fellow filmmaker with a passion for philosophy, psychology and personal development, or just a curious film lover looking for something deeper, I want to welcome you all.


If you’d like to learn how I combine these two – filmmaking and philosophy – to tell stories of human potential I’d love to have you along for the journey.


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Clarke Scott is a writer and director who draws on his years of philosophical education and contemplative practice to tell stories of human potential. With a keen sense for the profound and an honesty of spirit Clarke’s projects often reflect his own concerns for a life well lived.


“I’m trying to capture the essence of how we are. Not who we are but how we are. Be it a fleeting moment between two characters, or one of my highly stylised visual sequences, in all my work, and indeed my own life, the search is always for what it means to be. This manifests in those raw and rare moments of vulnerability where we see through the mask we present to the world and into the essence of being. This is what I am searching for. I cannot explain it, really. At least not with words. It is something I feel. And I see it when I feel it.”


Along with his photography work Clarke’s first feature film, A Thousand Moments Later (due for release in 2019) explores the notion that love is a choice.




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