Hi, I’m Clarke Scott—Writer, Thinker, Contemplative.

Here you will find content that leverages philosophy, psychology, and mediation techniques for personal transformation—a contemplative life for modern people.

The aim of my work is to help produce healthier, happier, and wiser human beings.  

I have a free meditation course – 7 Days to Deeper Meditation where I show how to start a deep meditation practice. 

If you are keenly interested in going deep with meditation, you might consider reading this article, The Key to Unlocking Deep States of Meditation.

The article gives some background on my own experience of deep meditation, and additional resources for:

  • Developing your ability to focus…
  • Stopping constant mind chatter…
  • Overcoming stress, anxiety, and other negative states of mind…
  • And increasing a sense of peace and calm in your life.

I also write a free newsletter called, The Contemplative Life. It is a short, fun, and actionable email chock-full of ideas exploring the principles, strategies, and tools of a life well lived.


Clarke Scott


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