Deep Meditation Masterclass

Deep Meditation & Contemplative Journaling: The Secret Path to Self-transformation.

All the real benefits of meditation come from Deep Meditation. Deep meditation arises through a combination of a relaxed, stable, and clear mind.

In this masterclass, I take you through a process designed for a modern audience to go consistently into deep meditation.

If you have not read the genesis of the course, you can do so here. The Key to Unlock the Deep States of Meditation. The background will give you a good idea of why I created it, and how you can benefit from it too.

This Deep Meditation Masterclass is a series of video lectures, journaling exercises, and guided meditations that show you and guide you to deep meditation.

Through the combination of lessons and guided meditations, you’ll discover how to recognize the subtle internal monologue holding you back from deep meditation, and I will show you how to move past this into deeper and deeper states of consciousness so that you can gain the real benefits meditation has to offer. With each lecture, you will be taken through a process that naturally deepens with each cycle.

Inside the course, you will discover how to truly quieten the mind from all its chaos and busyness so life becomes a joy to live! There are 30 guided meditations, and each guided meditation works with the previous to take you even deeper. The combination of lessons, guided meditations, and journaling exercises is extremely powerful.

What’s Inside The Course

The course has been designed to take you through a process of discovery and deepening meditation through the cycle of guided meditation and journaling.

  • Video lectures on the 3 phases of deep meditation.
  • Video lectures on how to journal your meditation the right way.
  • Video lectures on how to process your subtle internal monologue.
  • 30 Guided Meditations.
  • Special journaling exercises.
  • Meditation Workbook & Daily Journal Planner.
  • Special Breathing Exercises to align your physiology.
  • Lifetime access.
  • 30-Day Money-back Guarantee.

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Course Includes

  • 25 Lessons